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    Keeping your pet happy and healthy takes more than just food, shelter and love. You need a partner – someone to whom you can turn for all your pet care needs. At Maple City Animal Hospital, we’d love to fulfill that role for you. We believe that quality vet care involves working together as teams to help your pet enjoy a truly amazing life. Genuine compassion and quality medicine are the hallmarks of our practice.

    If you’re looking for vet care in LaPorte or Michigan City, look no further. Call or visit today!

    Recent Posts

    Summer Treats For Fido

    Jun 15, 2019

    Summer is just about here! This may very well be your dog’s favorite time of year. Our canine pals love warm weather and sunshine! Fido is also pretty fond of snacks, as you’ve probably noticed. If you want to really … Read More »

    Beating Litterbox Smells

    Jun 01, 2019

    Kitties are quite easy to care for, which is one reason they are so popular. You won’t have rush home to walk Fluffy, as she can use a litterbox. However, while litterboxes are convenient, they don’t do much for your … Read More »

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